Versatile and elegant, porcelain floor tiles are an innovative product that is gaining popularity among homeowners, builders, and interior designers. Created from super-fine porcelain clay and fired at a higher temperature than ordinary ceramic tile, porcelain tiles are dense and tough and made for today’s demanding applications both indoors and out. Available in glazed and unglazed, high-gloss and refined or textured to resemble natural stone.

Choose your Porcelain Tile...

Adella Calacatta
Adella Gris
Adella White
Antoni Café
Antoni Gris
Antoni Nero
Antoni Platinum
Arabascato Visio
Aria Bianco
Aria Cremita
Aria Ice
Aria Oro
Aspenwood Amber
Aspenwood Artic
Aspenwood Ash
Aspenwood Café
Asturia Cielo
Asturia Fuoco
Balboa Amber
Balboa Grey
Balboa Ice
Balboa Moka
Basaltina Nera
Belmond Mercury
Belmond Obsidian
Belmond Pearl
Bernini Bianco
Bernini Camo
Bernini Carbone
Braxton Blanca
Braxton Grigia
Braxton Midnight
Braxton Saddle
Brickstone Charcoal Brick Wall Tile
Brickstone Cobble Brick Wall Tile
Brickstone Fog Brick Wall Tile
Brickstone Ivory Brick 2x18
Brickstone Putty Brick Wall Tile
Brickstone Red Brick 2x18
Brickstone Red Porcelain Tile 2X10
Brickstone Red Porcelain Tile 5X10
Brickstone Taupe Brick 2x18
Brickstone Taupe Porcelain Tile 2x10
Brickstone Taupe Porcelain Tile 5x10
Brickstone White Brick 2x18
Brickstone White Porcelain Tile 2x10
Brixstyle Blanco
Brixstyle Glacier
Brixstyle Gris
Calacatta Isla Polished
Calacatta Lucca
Calacatta Marbella Polished
Caldera Blanca
Caldera Coala
Caldera Grigia
Carolina Timber II Beige
Carolina Timber II Gray
Carolina Timber II Saddle
Carolina Timber II White
Catalina Ice
Catalina Maple
Catalina Teak
Celeste Grayseas
Celeste Nutmeg
Celeste Taupe
Cement Ash
Concerto Grigio
Cottage Brown
Cottage Smoke
Cottage Wenge
Country River Bark
Country River Mist
Country River Moss
Country River Stone
Cristallo Polished 12MM Slabs
Dellano Deep Bark
Dellano Exotic Blue
Dellano Moss Gray
Dimensions Concrete
Dimensions Glacier
Dimensions Graphite
Dimensions Gris
Domino White
Durban Anthracite
Durban Grey
Durban White
Eden Bardiglio
Eden Calacatta
Eden Dolomite
Eden Statuary
Eramosa Grey
Eramosa Silver
Eramosa White
Essentials Ansello Grey
Essentials Ansello Ivory
Essentials Charisma Silver
Essentials Charisma White
Essentials White Vena
Focus Glacier
Focus Graphite
Gridscale Concrete
Gridscale Graphite
Gridscale Gris
Gridscale Ice
Havenwood Beige
Havenwood Dove
Havenwood Platinum
Havenwood Saddle
Hexley Dove Hexagon Tile
Hexley Ecru Hexagon Tile
Hexley Graphite Hexagon Tile
Hexley Hive Hexagon Tile
Hexley Marbello Hexagon Tile
Ice Onyx Book Matched 12MM Polished
Kaya Calacatta Lucca
Kaya Calacatta Venato
Kaya Carrara Bianco
Kaya Onda Gray
Kenzzi™ Azila
Kenzzi™ Blume
Kenzzi™ Brina
Kenzzi™ DEKORA 5.2X5.2
Kenzzi™ Indigo
Kenzzi™ Kasbah
Kenzzi™ Matarka
Kenzzi™ Mixana Hexagon Encaustic Tile
Kenzzi™ Paloma
Kenzzi™ Tahari
Kenzzi™ Tamensa
Kenzzi™ Tanzania
Kenzzi™ Zanzibar
Kenzzi™ Zoudia
Legend Grey
Legend Moka
Legend White
Legions Lunar Silver
Legions Midnight Montage
Legions Quartz White
Livingstyle Beige
Livingstyle Cream
Livingstyle Pearl
Loft Glacier
Loft Gris
Marquina Noir
Metropolis Avorio
Metropolis Cloud
Metropolis Grey
Metropolis Taupe
Miraggio Gold
Miraggio Gray
Monza Cemento
Monza Marbello
Myra Ivory
Napa Beige
Napa Gray
Onyx Grigio
Onyx Ivory
Onyx Sand
Optima Olive
Oxide Blanc
Oxide Iron
Oxide Magnetite
Palmetto Bianco
Palmetto Chestnut
Palmetto Cognac
Palmetto Fog
Palmetto Smoke
Palmetto Walnut
Pietra Calacatta
Pietra Carrara
Pietra Grigio
Pietra Statuario
Praia Carrara
Praia Crema
Praia Grey
Regallo Calacatta Isla
Regallo Calacatta Marbella
Regallo Marquina Noir
Sande Cream
Sande Grey
Sande Ivory
Savoy Azula
Savoy Crema
Soreno Grigio
Soreno Ivory
Soreno Taupe
Statuarietto Bianco
Statuario Bari
Statuario Gold
Statuario Silver
Taja Perla
TekTile CrossHatch Gray
TekTile CrossHatch Ivory
TekTile Lineart Gray
TekTile Lineart Ivory
Traktion Calypso Ash
Traktion Calypso Graphite
Traktion Maven Gris
Traktion Maven Ivory
Traktion Maven Talc
Upscape Bruno
Upscape Greige
Upscape Nero
Veneto Gray
Veneto Noce
Veneto Sand
Veneto White
Vintage Lace
Vintage Silver
Watercolor Bianco
Watercolor Graphite
Watercolor Grigio
Zaria GIA