Subway Tile Backsplash Collection

Subway tile is a classic, easy to clean choice as a bathroom or kitchen backsplash. They can be installed horizontally, vertically, or in a herringbone pattern. MSI subway tile is available in materials like marble, travertine, and glass. Our subway tile collection features glossy finishes, matte finishes, and many others, and plentiful sizes as well — including several large format options. Some of the most popular colors include bright white and neutral shades like browns and light blues.

Choose your Subway Tile...

Almond Glossy Beveled Subway Tile 3x6
Almond Glossy Inverted Beveled Tile 3X6
Almond Glossy Subway 4x16
Almond Glossy Subway Tile 3x6
Alpine White Clay Brick 2.25x7.5
Antique White Beveled Tile
Antique White Glazed Tile
Antique White Subway Tile 3x6
Arabescato Carrara Beveled Tile 4x12
Arabescato Carrara Subway Tile 2x4
Arabescato Carrara Subway Tile 3x6
Arabescato Carrara Subway Tile 4x12
Arabescato Venato White 2x12 Stack Hon
Arabescato Venato White Tile 2x6
Arabescato Venato White Tile 4x12
Arctic Ice Glass Subway Tile 2x4
Arctic Ice Glass Subway Tile 4x12
Arctic Ice Glass Tile 3x6
Aria Bianco Subway Tile 2X4
Aria Cremita Subway Tile 2X4
Aria Ice
Aria Ice Porcelain Tile
ARIA ORO Subway Tile 2X4
Artisan Taupe Subway Tile 3x6
Artisan Taupe Subway Tile 4x12
Athena Gold Beveled Tile 2x4
Athena Gold Tile 4x12
Bay Blue Beveled Tile 2x6
Bay Blue Glazed Tile 3x6
Bay Blue Glazed Tile 4x12
Bernini Carbone Porcelain Tile 2X4
Bianco Dolomite Polished Subway Tile 3x6
Blue Shimmer Glass Subway Tile
Brickstone Charcoal Brick Wall Tile
Brickstone Cobble Brick Wall Tile
Brickstone Fog Brick Wall Tile
Brickstone Putty Brick Wall Tile
Brickstone Red Porcelain Tile 2X10
Brickstone Red Porcelain Tile 5X10
Brickstone Taupe Porcelain Tile 2x10
Brickstone Taupe Porcelain Tile 5x10
Brickstone White Porcelain Tile 2x10
Calacatta Cressa Marble Subway Tile 4x12
Calacatta Cressa White Subway Tile 2x4
Calacatta Cressa White Subway Tile 3x6
Calacatta Gold Matte Subway Tile 2x6
Calacatta Gold Subway Tile 3x6
Calacatta Gold Tile 2x4
Capri Blue Honed Subway Tile 2x6
Capri Blue Tile 4x12
Carbonita Subway Tile 2x6
Carrara White Marble Subway Tile 4x12
Carrara White Marble Tile 4x12
Carrara White Subway Tile 3x6
Carrara White Subway Tile 3x6
Carrara White Subway Tile 6x12
Carrara White Tile 2x4
Champagne Bevel 4x12
Champagne Bevel Subway Tile 2x6
Chilcott Bright Subway Tile 2x6
Chilcott Treasure Glass Tile 3x12
Crisson Bevel Subway Tile
Dove Gray 2x6 Beveled Tile
Dove Gray Subway Tile 3x6
Dove Gray Subway Tile 4x12
Doverton Gray Clay Brick 2.25x7.5
Evergreen Beveled Subway Tile 2x6
Frosted Icicle Glass Subway Tile 3x9
Glacier Black Glass 3x9
Glacier Blue Glass Tile 3x9
Gray Glossy Beveled Subway Tile 3x6
Gray Glossy Inverted Beveled Tile
Gray Glossy Subway Tile 3x6
Gray Glossy Subway Tile 4x16
Greecian White Beveled Subway Tile 2x4
Greecian White Marble Subway Tile 3x6
Haiku Sapphire Glass Subway Tile 2x6
Haiku Sapphire Glass Tile 3x9
Harbor Gray Glass Tile 3x9
Ice Bevel Glass Tile 4x12
Ice Bevel Subway Tile 2x6
Ice Glass Tile 3x9
Ice Subway Tile 4x12
Inverted Bevel White Subway Tile
Ivory Amber Beveled Subway Tile
Malta Cliffs Subway Tile 2x6
Marza Aqua Subway Tile
Marza Cobalt Subway Tile
Marza Pearl Subway Tile
Marza Rust Subway Tile
Metallic Gray Bevel Subway Tile
Metallic Gray Bevel Tile 4x12
Metallic Gray Glass Subway Tile 4x12
Metallic Gray Subway Tile 2x4
Midnight Agate 2x6 Subway Glass
Midnight Blue Ombre Tile 2x6
Midnight Glass Subway Tile 4x12
Midnight Glass Tile 3x6
Montauk Black Subway Tile 4x12
Montauk Blue Subway Tile 4x12
Morning Fog Beveled Tile
Morning Fog Subway Tile 3x6
Morning Fog Subway Tile 4x12
Night Sky Subway Tile 2x6
Noble Red Clay Brick Tile 2.25x7.5
Oceania Azul Subway Tile 2x6
Ombre Grigia Glass Tile
Opalina Glass Subway Tile 2x6
Oyster Gray Subway Tile 2x4
Oyster Gray Subway Tile 4x12
Pearla Subway Tile 2x6
Pebble Tile 4x12
Portico Pearl Beveled Tile
Portico Pearl Subway Tile 3x6
Portico Pearl Subway Tile 4x12
Prudent Spring Glass Subway Tile 4x12
Renzo Denim Bullnose Tile
Renzo Denim Ceramic Tile 3x12
Renzo Denim Pickett Tile
Renzo Denim Quarter Round
Renzo Denim Tile 5x5
Renzo Dove 5x5 Ceramic Wall Tile
Renzo Dove Bullnose Tile
Renzo Dove Ceramic Pickett Tile
Renzo Dove Ceramic Tile 3x12
Renzo Dove Quarter Round
Renzo Jade Ceramic Quarter Round
Renzo Jade Ceramic Tile 3x12
Renzo Jade Ceramic Tile 5x5
Renzo Jade Ceramic Tile Bullnose
Renzo Jade Pickett Wall Tile
Renzo Sky Bullnose Tile 3x12
Renzo Sky Ceramic Pickett Tile
Renzo Sky Ceramic Tile 5x5
Renzo Sky Ceramic Wall Tile
Renzo Sky Quarter Round
Renzo Sterling 3x12 Tile
Renzo Sterling Bullnose Tile
Renzo Sterling Ceramic Pickett Tile
Renzo Sterling Quarter Round
Renzo Sterling Tile 5x5
Retro Bianco Matte Tile 2x4
Retro Brick Bianco White Tile
Retro Nero Glossy Tile 2x4
Royal Azure Tile 4x12
Savoy Subway Tile 2x6
Silver Travertine Subway Tile 2x4
Snowcap White Subway Tile 3x6
Snowcap White Tile 3x9
Snowcap White Tile 4x12
Starlight Subway Tile 4x12
Statuario Celano Glass Tile 3x6
Tahiti Blue Glass Tile Beveled
Tuscany Ivory Subway Tile 2x4
Urbano Crema 3d Mix Tile
Urbano Crema Tile
Urbano Dusk 3d Mix Tile
Urbano Dusk Tile
Urbano Graphite 3d Mix Tile
Urbano Graphite Tile
Urbano Ink 3d Mix Tile
Urbano Ink Tile
Urbano Pure 3d Mix Tile
Urbano Pure White Subway Tile
Urbano Warm Concrete 3d Mix Tile
Urbano Warm Concrete Tile
Vague Blue Subway Tile
Verde Subway Tile 2x6
Whisper White Subway Tile
Whisper White Subway Tile 2x6
Whisper White Subway Tile 3x6
White 2X4 Beveled Glossy
White 2x8 Glossy
White 3x6 Glossy
White 4x12 Glossy
White 4x16 Glossy
White Glossy 4x12
White Oak Honed Subway Tile 4x12