Decorative Mosaic Tile Blends

Nothing delights the eye like backsplash tile with a high-contrast mix of textures and elements. Our decorative mosaic tile blends feature natural stone, glass, and metals in a wide assortment of colors and styles to do just that. Wrapped around a bathroom shower, or on a backsplash in a commercial kitchen, our decorative blends tiles are ready to take your walls, backsplashes, and floors to a whole new level. With versatile palettes, finishes, and materials, you’ll find these decorative mosaics and wall tiles the most captivating design choice in your remodel.

Choose your Decorative Mosaic...

Amalfi Cafe Interlocking Pattern 6mm
Ankara 6mm
Ashlar Rock Interlocking 3D Pattern in 8x18 Mesh®
Bayview Elongated Octagon 10mm
Bimini Interlocking 4mm
Blanco Lynx
Blocki Blanco Interlocking Pattern 8mm
Bytle Bianco Herringbone 6mm
Champagne Toast Interlocking Pattern 4mm
Cienega Springs Picket 6mm
Cityscape Interlocking Pattern 8mm
Cobrello Interlocking Pattern 8mm
Colosseo Azul Brick 1x4x4mm
Crystal Cove Blend Interlocking Pattern 8mm
Danza Arabesque Tile
Delano Blanco 6mm
Diamante Brick 0.625x3x8mm
Eclipse Interlocking Pattern 8mm
Everest Interlocking Pattern 8mm
Fantasia Blanco Interlocking Pattern 12x18x8mm
Fountain Hills Interlocking 8mm
Gray Cliff Interlocking 4mm
Harlow Chevron
Harlow Cube Pattern
Harlow Interlocking 8mm
Harlow Picket 8mm
Ibiza Blend 1X1X8MM
Kensington 1" Hexagon Mosaic Tile
Kings Gate Interlocking Pattern 6mm
Krystal Interlocking Pattern 8mm
Lascari Picket 8mm
Lorena Grigio Interlocking 4mm
Lucid Sky Interlocking 4mm
Lupano Glass Stone Blend 8mm
Luxor Kona Gold Pattern
Luxor Royal Link Gold Pattern
Madison Avenue Interlocking Pattern 8mm
Magica Pattern 6mm
Manhattan Blend Pattern 8mm
Marbella Diamond
Metro Gold Pattern
Metro Gris Blend Interlocking 8mm
Midnight Pearl Mini Brick Pattern 8mm
Modello Grigio Interlocking 6mm
Moderno Blanco Interlocking 12x18 Pattern 8mm
Ocean Crest Brick 5/8x3x8mm
Ocotillo Blend Interlocking 4mm
Ombre Grigia Glass Tile
Positano Interlocking 6mm
Royal Oaks Blend Interlocking Pattern 8mm
Seaglass Interlocking 4mm
Silver Aluminum Metal 3D Pattern
Smoky Alps Interlocking 8mm
Snowcap Blend Interlocking 4mm
Snowmass Interlocking 8mm
Soho Stax 8mm
Sonoma Valley Interlocking 4mm
Stonegate Interlocking Pattern 8mm
Titan Interlocking Pattern 8mm
Urban Loft Interlocking Pattern 4mm
Urbanka Interlocking 6mm
Volcanic Luxe Interlocking 8mm
Whistler Ice Interlocking 8mm
White Wave Interlocking Pattern 4mm