Basaltina Nera

Basaltina Nera Matte porcelain slabs are the perfect combination of style and durability. Boasting a luxurious charcoal coloration, this product adds a natural stone appeal to any wall or counter it is installed on. Crafted from premium quality glazed porcelain, Basaltina Nera Matte has a PEI rating of 4, making it ideal for use in a wide range of residential, medium commercial, and light institutional applications. The Concrete-style finish of Basaltina Nera Matte adds a touch of modernity and sleekness to any space. Its high Coefficient of Friction (DCOF > 0.42) ensures that it’s slip-resistant, making it safe for both residential and commercial applications. And Basaltina Nera Matte is certified Kosher, NSF, and USGBC/LEED, ensuring that it’s safe and environmentally friendly.